Engineering Central

Engineering Central is a web portal to service the extensive engineering sector in the UK, and promote the range and depth of services and products it provides.

Engineering is a large and essential sector of industry. Good engineering features in every aspect of the man made environment, and has the capacity to substantially improve that environment. It gives us more from less, and something from nothing whenever it finds a use for something that previously had none.

Engineering contributes a great deal to gross national product. It is a large employer and exporter of goods, and provides an outlet for some of the brightest minds. Some examples of engineering services and products are listed below:

Engineering Services

Engineering Central features the services of a broad range of companies in the engineering sector in the UK. The breadth of this sector is formidable, and we will be increasing this list of services as new members of Engineering Central join us.

Engineering Members

Our members represent a cross section of the UK engineering communitycompanies and the list is growing each year.

Engineering Products

Products from a range of companies are featured in Engineering Central and this list will change over time.

Many of our members are subcontractors; they make no products themselves, but make parts or sub assemblies for other, more familiar companies.